Hiding my face…

Because I already have Ginger, I took Maxine with me to work earlier. Good thing because I ended up having to lend it so we could take photos of the recognition program we had for one of our LOBs. Clients were there so it was the perfect opportunity to recognize performing agents.

I didn’t personally take the photos though, I had one of our agents handle it. He took a closeup of me too but I don’t like the photo! I tried to hide my face but you could still see my oily T zone. Ugh.

I’m not complaining, as Jo mentioned a few weeks back, at least I don’t really have an acne problem. I feel though as if I’m wasting money with my facial cream or the facial wash I’m currently using. It isn’t for me to switch though because my skin is quite sensitive and would dry out easily with just one use of the wrong acne face wash. That could really be nasty.