Monday on a Sunday

I should seriously hit the sack. Sunday is the new Monday and I have to get back to work in a few hours.


I can think of so many other things to do on a Sunday:

  • Go to Church (haven’t attended Sunday Mass in a looooong time)
  • Photo Shoot
  • Sleep
  • Bake flourless chocolate cake (or learn to)
  • Meet up with a friend or two
  • Get on my iPad

That last one is a BIG threat. Hahaha. I must stay away from the iPad unless I really want to be a zombie at work tomorrow due to lack of sleep. 😀

This weekend was a good one. I had an afternoon with my girlfriends, there was some drama, yes, but I had a wonderful time catching up. After picking up the iPad on Saturday (again thanks to my cousin who bought it for me from the Apple SG store, and her friend who carried it home), I also got to drop by to see another girlfriend who wasn’t able to join us on Friday). We had a super brief chat because my dad was waiting in the car for me, and she was having her nails done at The Barbershop in Project 4.  I realized later that I should’ve just asked Dad to leave me there so I could get a foot spa; I could have taken a cab home anyway.

But in a few hours, I have to face work again, and I’d have to focus. We’ll see if I’d be able to accomplish much on my first work day for the week. The soonest I can get things done, the more time I have and less pressure to finish by the end of the week. The good thing about working directly with agents again is getting to talk to them about their plans, and for some, even their hopes and dreams. Learning about their background and what they like doing outside of work, or what they intend to do with their lives, is something I look forward to. Knowing their motivations takes a lot of time, but as managers we need to have an idea. I was talking to one agent last week and was surprised to hear that he studied to be a nurse. If he gets tired of the call center industry, he can switch to healthcare jobs. He doesn’t seem interested at this time though, because he’ll have to do volunteer work at first and re-train before he can get a paying job. Oh well.

So I gotta go sleep, while there’s still time for it. 🙂