September 2010 EC and Comments Challenge

My own September comment challenge to myself wasn’t very successful this. In August, I left 390 comments around the blogosphere. For September, I only did 133, only 13% to goal 🙁 This seems to be reflective of the fact that I haven’t been online as much. Today, it will be the start of a new countdown (a new ticker will be up shortly). How many meaningful comments can I leave on other people’s blogs this October? We’ll see.

As for the Top Commenter on Where the Moon Shines (that’s my blog, in case you forgot), it is no other than the lovely Gee!

Thank you so much for leaving insightful comments girl! 🙂 A close second was Ivy, thanks too! 🙂

And now it is time to pay tribute to my Top Entrecard Droppers for September. Once again, thanks for the traffic and the interaction! It’s nice to see new avatars in this line up too.

I still think that quality blogs stand up on their own, but interaction with its audience enriches it all the more. And of course, traffic is usually the gauge for a blog’s success. Again, thank you so much for spending a few minutes visiting this blog. 🙂