The Campaign

The Broadband Internet service from Sky Cable is having some technical issues in our area. Thus, we have very slow connectivity. We noticed it a few nights ago but I dismissed it to just your regular loss due to high network traffic. But the next day when it was still pretty much the same, and none of us could load our Cafes in Cafe World, I figured we needed to do something about it. So I asked the boyfriend to give Sky a call.

That’s when we learned of the problem somewhere that’s been interrupting the service since last week, and is scheduled for resolution next week.  Being in customer service ourselves we knew what kind of concessions we can demand for and the boyfriend tried to go for credit for time lost, and he got confirmation for it! So I’m looking forward to next month’s bill, and I sure hope it will reflect the promised adjustment. If not, then they better be ready for this irate customer.

So anyway, with my connection being as bad as it is, I spent time in front of the PC, offline. I used Writer to work on posts for Between the Covers (notice how there’s so much activity there lately? 🙂 I also spent some time doing post processing on our photos.

I started with pictures from the campaign for the 2010 Barangay Elections.  Both the boyfriend and I joined my cousins and other friends in a motorcade/walk to campaign for my Uncle Walter. I didn’t know about the motorcade until half an hour before it started, but off we went. I remember campaigning for my grandfather when we were kids, those were fun times, and there was no vote buying.

Anyhoo, here are the photos. All courtesy of the boyfriend, the photographer. 🙂

Alrighty, I gotta go do the dishes before the Kohler kitchen sinks get too laden with so much stuff. Oh wait, I don’t have dishwasher duties tonight do I? Alfred??? 🙂