Back to Work!

back to work2010

This week is all about being BACK.

Back to work.

Everything’s gone smoothly so far. I’d like to think I was welcomed back warmly by colleagues and friends at work. Still feel a little bit out of place sometimes, much like when you’re just starting anew. Three weeks of not doing much of anything does that to you, I guess. Smile

Been doing pretty much the same things as before. Except I try not to walk around as much because my back starts hurting after awhile. Walking all the way from my station to the parking lot isn’t a good idea, so I break that walk by finding somewhere to sit along the way. Coming in to work though, maybe because I still have all my energy, I don’t mind walking all the way thru.

I also try not to drink too much water so I won’t have to go to walk to the ladies room too much. This will have to change though because I really should actually hydrate more.

Before I started going to the office again on Monday night, I finished my first round of therapy on Thursday. Saw my doctor on Saturday and he recommended another 12 sessions of therapy. It’s been almost a week now since my last session and I think I’m feeling its toll.

Sometimes I wonder whether there’s such a thing as a full recovery from this without surgery. I hold on to the idea that there will be. After all, three weeks later I can stand straight and walk almost as well as I used to.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about finances lately. I guess having to pay for my next round of therapy really forces me to think about how much money that’s going to cost me (but nowhere nearly as what it would cost to go for surgery, so not complaining). Also, I’ve been spending unnecessarily, over compensating for saving food and gas money thanks to my three-week sick leave. With perfect timing, Pesos and Sense posts an ad for Module 2 of their seminar series: Time Value of Money. I attended Module 1: Make Your Money Grow, and I’m interested enough to consider paying the higher registration fee for this second class. If you want to learn about immediate annuity interest rates, or want to know enough to determine if Mutual Funds or Stocks are the right investments for you, the Pesos and Sense team is likely to have the answer you need.


*About the image used on this post: it’s not mine, I got it from this site after a Google search of ‘back to work’ images. All credit goes to the image owner.