Clickable Charities

Until sometime last year, my BraveJournal header had a number of badges and graphics displayed all over it. Among those were buttons I would click daily to make donations to different charities.

When I decided to add my blog to, the header just wasn’t working well when it was being viewed through an iFrame. I had to do something about it and the easiest was to remove everything. My buttons have since found a home on my home page, but I feel that they would get better mileage when seen sported on a blog. So I’ve brought them over. I have yet to decide whether I’d be giving them their own spot over at the sidebar but the Categories link should make it easy to get to this post when one needs the links.

The Child Health Site The Breast Cancer Site The Hunger Site The Literacy Site The Rainforest Site The Animal Rescue Site
As I used to work with NGOs for children, I am partial to the Child Health Site and the LiteracySite. Nonetheless, I visit all 6 sites because it doesn’t require much effort for me to reach out and help good causes. They also have well-stocked shops/boutiques that are so much fun to visit. I’ve shopped from there a couple of times and it’s just a great way to do some shopping while still helping out wth a charity.