Okay, so boyfriend was away for about 4 to 5 days last week having fun in the sun. Now, he’s been hanging around here for, hmm, about 3 days? Not bad.

That means Patapon is back in town too and I’ve been playing and getting victories (ok, I’ve lost several times too). This is one game that Alfred won’t be beating me at. He just doesn’t have much rhythm (he said that).

So anyway, I was out bloghopping and going through my bluemoon email that’s subscribed to a sharing group. Through either of those (I don’t remember which one in particular), I stumbled upon a wonderful new blog that I’ve added to my digiscrapping blogroll.

It’s Kirsty Wiseman’s blog and you’ve got to go and visit.

She gives away lovely overlays that you can you use for digital scrapbooking but what I loved about her blog was reading about her 12-year old daughter Ellie (or Belle as she is fondly called). She has a special condition that requires further medical attention and they are flying her to the US just for that. To cover for her journey, Kirsty and family and friends have put up the Ellenor Wiseman Trustfund to raise money. You can purchase a raffle ticket as your way to donate to her cause or just simply donate through PayPal.

As for me, I’ll be purchasing the collab kit that some designers have put together for Belle. It’s available at nuts4digi.

Anyway, it’s almost 3PM, way past bedtime – I’ve got work tonight at 11. Oh well.