Finally you get to see the Truffles!

I’ve been munching on these a lot lately:

Yes, ever since watching the 7th Heaven marathon on Studio 23 during the Holy Week and the twins lured the others into telling them their secrets over cookies and milk. I also discovered Double Stuff Oreos during a rare errand to MiniStop and have found it difficult to resist grabbing a pack (or two) when I see the shelves restocked.

I was exceptionally happy then to see Bakerella’s recipe for the yummy truffles. As I posted on the 24th, I finally made them:

I love them – very much. It took a lot of willpower to resist eating every piece in this package that I brought with me to work. All I thought was that I brought them to share and that I had to make them last until morning when Alfred comes in and that helped curb my desire to gobble them up.

I’ll make more on Tuesday or Wednesday because one of my friends at work wants to bring some on his out of town trip. Mmmhmmm.

Remember Vonda Shepard singing that in the intro credits to Ally McBeal? I’m listening to her music as I surf through the net. I just love the soundtrack for that TV series. I got the two CDs they came out with but I can’t seem to find them. So I’m listening through Music Messenger. It makes me feel good to sing along to those tunes. Even the slow ones lift me up. I’m not sure why.