Truffles a la Bakerella

Yesterday after work, we took Zune to the vet for a checkup. He’s been weak and has not been eating much lately. They checked his temperature and found he had a slight fever, they tested his blood but didn’t find anything. He has some meds to take and he does seem to be a little better today. Thank God.

After Alfred left for work just as soon as we’ve had lunch, I set out to do the Oreo Truffles from the famous Bakerella. I’ve been wanting to make those in about 3 weeks and only got the time and the cream cheese yesterday. They are so easy to make (although my hand kinda hurt after all the crushing, a food processor would have really come in handy) and they turned out very very yummy. I took some to work last night and those who tasted it liked it 🙂

I took pictures, but I couldn’t find the cable for my camera so I’d have to delay posting those. I made 46 small round truffles and the choco coating wasn’t as smooth as Bakerella’s. I used Semi-sweet baking chocolate because that’s what’s available to me. I will make those again sometime soon. To give away or to sell even. 🙂

I didn’t coat all of the balls in chocolate last night because I had to go. I wanted to do them again this afternoon but something is off with my chocolate – it just wouldn’t melt to the right consistency! I think it’s most probably because I refrigerated the semi sweet choco chips last night, and I probably shouldn’t have. So I only managed to coat a few pieces today. I will bring them to work again tonight. Hehe. Then tomorrow is another day for truffles! 🙂