CSI: Worrick

I just watched an episode from the latest season of CSI, and though there was no crying or shouting, I felt like it was one of the most emotional episodes I’ve seen of the show. Granted, I hadn’t seen what happened to Sarah earlier on in the season and I’d have to hunt those episodes down right after this post, but I was so engrossed today.

Bullet wound/s through the neck – will Worrick survive that? That’s got to be tough. I was hoping that Nick would come out of the diner and see the undersheriff (from afar even) leaving the scene and then he notices Worrick slumped on the wheel. At least that way Worrick has a chance to survive?

I can’t explain how I was feeling, you know? I’m not exactly a big fan of CSI, I watch on and off and I don’t really care if I miss episodes (seeing as I don’t know what has happened to Sarah). But it’s just…

Worrick can’t really be written of can he? He’s gone through so much to keep his job as CSI. But I must admit, I saw it coming. There was a bittersweet vibe as they left the diner one by one. I thought it would happen as soon as he walked out the door. When I saw the under sheriff, that was it.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be wonderful to work with people who truly cared about you? People who will hold no judgment and will look for that which will prove your innocence when you are being misjudged by others. They really pulled together for Worrick there. Would my colleagues pull together for me like that? Would yours?

Anyway, CSI New York is up and they’re dealing with James Bond wannabe thieves. Gotta pay attention to that.