Inspiring to Create.

There is so much creativity in the world.

I visited the IkeaHacker on Monday night, and it led to me to this site and then finally to Etsy.
I saw so many handmade products that I wish I had thought of doing, some I would want to buy, and some I would love to learn how to make. But this, well, I KNOW I can’t ever make anything like this (click on the image and visit iPAPERCUT’s shop):

The closest that I would get to anything like this, would be the papercut snowflakes we used to make as kids. 🙂

From ColorMeBella’s blog, what really prompted me to follow the links to Etsy was her attempt at making Marble Glass Bead Magnets. They don’t cost much to purchase and ship and would make awesome whatever presents to friends and family and is okay for both young and old (whatever presents for me means whatever the occasion is). I was contemplating purchasing several sets from different sellers but it would also be neat to try making them myself (if I have the skills required to make them, that is). Trusty Google led me to links that will probably allow to me get this project going. I’d have to find out next if I can source materials easily (so far my chances look bleak). 🙁

Having taken a break from making truffles has had me thinking about another possible social entrepreneurial project. I am not yet sure if it will actually take off but I hope that it does. I want to keep it with the family for now, since nothing’s been drawn up yet anyway. I will blog about it eventually – when it happens, or when it flops. 😉

It’s my mom’s birthday, by the way. Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂