Training girl

Today I had been in a training class, and it reminded me again how much I miss that environment. It was a Problem Solving class that I enlisted some of my team for and decided to attend as well. I had fun, and I had insights too. The most important thing is that I believe they picked up something from it.

So that was about half of my day in the office, the rest, well, was just normal like any other day. I signed up for several classes (like six?) this month because, as I told Papi Boden (my boss), I need something to exercise my brain. I guess I’m looking for something to jumpstart the bubbliness in me. I think it will actually work.

On my way out, I saw the posting for internal job openings on the HR board. There’s an opening for a Training Supervisor! Is this what I’m waiting for? The other thing at work that I was kinda counting on did not fall through and I’ve lost interest, in any case. I’ve been thinking, since my boss asked about it last week, what it is that I want next. Do I stay in operations and aim for a Senior TM post? Or do I go back to Training? Talk about timing!

The catch is, the post will be for another site, in another city that’s about an hour or so from here. I’ve never worked or studied that far away from home. It’s going to be a big decision. Of course, I’m not even sure if I’ll get the job but I have to think about these things too before I even submit an application, right?

First there was the ECPAT activity that reminded me of what I used to do (facilitate workshops and trainings) and then there’s this. This really seems to be my calling – to be facilitating learning.

I’ve got lots of time before the deadline (on the 12th). I pray for guidance in making the right decision.