Zune and the Wet Outdoors

This is our current desktop background, a photo of a clean Zune looking out from his doggie door:

The desktop template is courtesy of Jennilyn Designs, using her collab kit with Misty Cato.

I had tried to take Zune out for his morning walk just a couple of minutes ago. I say tried because I didn’t really succeed. You see, our little Zune has a thing about wet pavement – he doesn’t want to walk on them.

No matter how excited he is to actually go out, once the door is opened and he sees water – he would get to a dead stop.

It had been raining last night and the road is still wet. Today, I carried him down our front steps upto a dry spot. He walked a little, and then stopped to pee next to a parked car. He peed a lot. Then he walked about five paces and then stopped. And then didn’t budge again, no matter how much coaxing I did. I had to carry him back in!

Then he refused to walk the rest of the way home from the gate to our door. I guess he could see the puddles in front of my cousin’s door. I carried him again up our steps where he refused to walk the two paces to get inside the house. There were puddles of water right outside our door, you see. It took a lot of willpower, but I got him to come in on his own.

Now, he’s running back and forth inside the house.