Saving up

I’ve been trying to save up or earn extra so I could buy a:

– Sturdy, and heavy duty Oven

– And a DSLR camera (Recently added to the list. Okay, I’ve got a perfectly good point and shoot but Alfred and I would so love a DSLR. This is not a priority, but something tells me we might get one sooner than the oven.)

I’ve got some money from making truffles. And I’ve earned almost ten thousand pesos from blogging. Frustratingly, the first two times I withdrew money from Paypal, I chose to transfer to my BDO account. Big mistake. Apparently I just gave away 400 pesos to BDO when UnionBank would not have charged me anything for the same service. Serves me right for not finding out beforehand if there were any charges for such transactions.

But the bigger problem is that, I didn’t really get to “save” the extra money I earned. Not in the sense that they are kept away specifically for the purpose for which they were originally intended. So now I’m thinking of opening a separate savings account that would really be for that purpose.

Hay, I haven’t even talked about wracking my brains for ways to afford a wedding next year.

And totally going against the “save up” theme of this post, I actually spent on digital scrapbooking supplies tonight. I got this:

Alfred dear, before you react, I haven’t bought anything online in at least two months. So this was just a treat. 🙂