Fear Factor

So I did not sleep and now I’m regretting it – I am so sleepy! 

I’ve got rice cooking already, and I’ll be working on the rest of our lunch before I wake Alfred up. So, no HSM3 for E today. Looks like he’ll have to wait til Friday. 

I found this WordArt from Bethany over at Elegant WordArt:

Sorry, I didn’t have time to add a background to it seeing as it is black, I’ll try to do that later. But you can go over to her site to download the PNG file and thank her too. Anyway, it appealed to me because Cebu Pacific had their promo on airfare again and Alfred and I were supposed to purchase tickets for another trip in March. When it got right down to deciding where we would go we had to consider what there was to see, and how much we would need to spend.

My suggestion was to go to Cagayan de Oro, famous for white water rafting, the canopy walk, and so many other wonderful things to do. It’s also near the island of Camiguin and we could go on a day trip to the falls at Iligan. 

But Alfred’s not up to it – not a big fan of extreme sports! Haha. I have to show him this WA and then try to convince him again. We won’t be able to avail of the marked down airfare though since the promo ended last night. It would still be a good idea to condition his mind to go for the adventure this early, no matter when we’ll actually be able to go.