Happy SATS Fiesta!

I grew up in a Seminary – the St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines. Every year at November 30th, we celebrate the feast of St. Andrew.

It was always a happy time for kids, teens, and the adults too. There was always something for everyone.

The significance of the event did not diminish or change when the Lord chose to take my aunt’s life on Fiesta day four years ago. In fact, I think it gave it more meaning. The SATS Fiesta was always a reason to come home for many of us who grew up and/or lived in the compound at one time or another. Being my aunt’s heaven date, I think this has assured that she will always be in her friend’s hearts and thoughts on Fiesta day.

This year, Fiesta is being celebrated a day early. And I hope to be out there with the rest of the community as they celebrate.

You see, I have not always been around during fiesta in the past ten years. The last one I remember being really visible at, was before Auntie and Lola died. It was probably in 2002 or 2003. That was a time when my baking business was hyperactive, and my Mom, Aunt and I were beading. We put up a stall at the court grounds and had our products on display the whole day, even until the evening program. Our cookies and brownies were a big hit. We sold some pieces of beaded jewelry too.

Today, I am taking Alfred and Frankie out there with me. And we’ll hopefully have a blast!