Like a curtain has lifted

My mood has changed! I feel great! πŸ™‚

I don’t know if it’s just because of the weekend, or something has really changed. Yesterday (the 19th), the busiest day of this most crucial week at work, was when I started feeling better.

I was in the office for more than 12 hours on Wednesday but save for my feet hurting a bit, I didn’t feel tired. I came home bearing these swags:

That’s an ID lace/lanyard, and a customizable mug.

In a few hours, I will drag Alfred from bed and insist that we go to Hidalgo Street at Quiapo so I can finally buy a camera! No, it won’t be a Digital SLR just yet, I am going manual! I have been thinking about lomography for a long time and yesterday, I decided I will really get a camera. But it was so hard to choose from the many toy cameras available.

My TM buddy Archie is into old school photography and he encouraged me to learn the basics by going manual. I told him that I had already decided to buy a toy camera, and we started talking about the costs. Then he told me more and more and how cameras were very affordable (cheaper than the lomo cameras I was initially eyeing). Β He has given me other tips too and he is totally willing to teach me the basics! I’m sure Edsel would be more than willing to help out too, I’d just have to ask.

When we head out to Hidalgo, I’ll be specifically looking for a Nikon FM2. Archie says I should be able to find one for less than 3k or about that amount but with a lens to boot.

I’d still save up for a DSLR, Alfred really wants one. I’m just really in no rush to get one.

Lastly, have you seen the new Gmail themes? Go to Settings > Themes and then test the default themes they have. Some of them are even location-specific. They say that the theme will change from night to day depending on the location set.