Perfume Sale at ELJ

Since I rendered some overtime at work today, I decided to visit the bazaar space in our office building to find out what is featured there this week. Several weeks ago, they housed the Havaianas mega sale, then an Adidas sale. Last week there was an Appliance showcase there. This week it’s all about luxury fragrance. When I went inside the big room, it smelled really nice. Better than the perfume stations at the mall. Haha 🙂

There were Mariah Carey perfume and lotion sets, ones from J.Lo too. CK and Estee Lauder were there too. I saw many of the known perfume brands. There were makeups too.

It was still quite early but there were already a lot of folks in going through the merchandise and making purchases. The prizes are comparable to those in the Duty Free shops.

I’ve just recently bought two Body and Bath bottles and my mom got a David Beckham Women and Esprit scents. I still have some left on my Esprit and Body Shop bottles, so I really wasn’t interested in getting another even with the sale and all. I didn’t stay too long in there.

Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to inquire.

At the smaller stalls in the hallway, I saw the kimono style dresses and blouses. I really like how they look. I wonder if any of them would fit me? I’m also not too sure if it will fit, you know? In the sense that it will look good?