Juice Fasting

I can only vaguely remember my mom telling me about this last week. She had mentioned that my Auntie Nellie, had tried it, and it worked wonders for her. She also mentioned that there was a program at St. Theodore’s Hospital in Sagada that administered this to people who were interested.

It didn’t register at that time. Not until I got round to checking my mail, and I found the link she had sent me. 

Reading through the testimonies on the Juice Fasting had me thinking about Joan Joyce, a dear fellow blogger, who had gone on a juice diet as her means to lose weight. She had the discipline to stick to it, and she saw the results. I can’t wait til she reads about this. 🙂

Anyway, so St. Theodore’s seems to have a Wellness and Healing Program, and this Juice Fasting for 30 days is included in the treatments it offers. Apart from my aunt (mom’s cousin) who has followed it, the site features the hospital’s chaplain too. I personally know the Chaplain and his wife, because he used to be the Dean of the Cathedral right here, many years back. Their reasons for undergoing the fasting were not really weight loss, but general healing. Inevitably though, they lost weight too.

So I was thinking. rather than filling my head with thoughts of quick fixes for my weight and health dilemmas, and before I turn to unproven pills like Lesofat and NV diet pills; perhaps I should do this fasting. They say that if it’s done right, I will still have energy to do my day to day duties. It shouldn’t affect my performance at work. There should be no impact on my energy levels.

But I think it’s better done with medical supervision. And well, it’ll at least look scientific if they do tests on me before I go through the fasting, and then again at a specified period.

So I told my parents, we should go up to Sagada and have this. But Sagada is a 12-hour roadtrip away. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to find common time to go, specially with my new rest days. But it won’t hurt to try. Plus I’m pretty sure i’d lunge at any excuse to go up there.


I had forgotten to mention in my previuos post that I saw this huge poster for the movie version of Confessions of a Shopaholic in the cinema this weekend. Isla Fisher is playing Becky Bloomwood. I’m not sure I totally see her in the role, but I am totally looking forward to the film. 

I am almost tempted to buy the rest of the Shopaholic books at full price because I never see them in my favorite second hand book shops. Only the first in the series ever gets on there. I haven’t read Shopaholic Ties the Not, then the one with the Sister, and then the Baby. Then I wouldn’t know if there are others.