I believe (R.Kelly)

Watching ASAP ’09 on Sunday, this song really caught my attention:  R. Kelly’s I believe. If I’m not mistaken, it seems to be a tribute to Obama who is being sworn in to office today. Now DanceCool is a segment in ASAP, a local Sunday noontime musical show, where they teach dance moves.  They featured a lyrical dance this week. I found the music very inspiring, and the moves were a wonderful interpretation of the message contained in this song.

Good thing YouTube is very reliable for finding videos like this. This isn’t the best quality I know, but it loads nicely, no long wait for the buffering 🙂

Happy inauguration day to US President Obama! He’s got a huge challenge ahead of him and I am sure there are those out there just waiting for his first big slip up. I hope he disappoints them.