Testing Media uploads

I was wondering why any photo I upload with my posts were displaying as red x’s. I had thought that it was the directory specified in the Miscellaneous settings in WordPress, but when I checked it,  I didn’t find anything unusual and I felt that it was correct. But days went by and the issue went unresolved, I resorted to uploading my photos via FTP instead and linking to them for the posts. I just read up about it in the WP forums and realized that the path for uploads may actually be wrong! 

I just went in there to check, and yeah, the directory looks incorrect. So here’s testing if it works properly now..

Okay, the first attempt was unsuccessful. The directory I specified was wrong… Let’s change it again and see what happens…



Okay, that took about three or four tries but I finally figured it out! It was a problem with the path. 

I took this photo using Frankie. This was where my mom’s family lived for years. I’m not sure how many years exactly but when I was born until I was around 7 years old, this to me was my grandparent’s home. This was the house we first referred to as sa baba or roughly translated – downstairs, down south, or just down. We called it that way because the house we lived in was located in the same community, but geographically ‘higher.’ The St. Andrew’s Seminary Compound has a geography that I’d call rolling hills, so you’d literally go up and down. Hehe. So Papa and Lola’s place was somewhere lower than ours.

Anyway, the house still stands and a priest who teaches at the Seminary and his family lives there now. The front door was moved to the side, and the pig pens are no longer out back. Aha, I just remembered, I should have shot the avocado tree too, if it’s still there…