Fixed my feeds

While surfing and leaving comments at other blogs, I noticed that wherever there was CommentLuv, my last post was never detected. I couldn’t remember whether it started just after I moved to Dreamhost or before then. I checked the forums at WordPress and saw similar issues reported by other bloggers using the platform. Someone said (sorry I forgot who) that it had something to do with feeds. So I moved on to check issues about feeds and true enough, I checked my own feed and found an error instead of my posts. Still through the forums at WordPress, someone mentioned that the error seems to indicate blanks in the code. I searched for where there could possibly be blank lines but didn’t find any, because I wasn’t looking at the right place. I didn’t think to check through Feedburner then.

Tonight it just occurred to me to check Feedburner. I clicked on the Troubleshootize button and there they suggested checking the feed through Feed Validator. That’s where I got the direction to solve the problem. It specified where the blank was and which files could be containing them. I then accessed the files via FTP and found the culprit. So now my feeds are back to normal. I don’t have subscribers though 🙁 But what the heck, at least I know it’s working for anyone who might want to subscribe eh? 😉

So anyway, I hope this helps anyone out there who may be encountering the same issue I had.

(Okay, I just realized that images in my posts are not showing properly through the feeds… another problem to find a solution for… any suggestions?)