On tonight’s (Monday night, I mean) episode  of ABS-CBN’s Kalye, Atom Araullo featured Bingo and it’s seeming role in society.

It reminded me of Bingo nights here at home.  I know, gambling isn’t supposed to be good, but… Haha 🙂

At first I didn’t want to join in and spend my money but it looked so much fun so I eventually got hooked too.  Besides, how much do we bet? Probably nothing more than five pesos per game.  More than the Bingo itself, and how you’d never know when you’d win, it was the chatter that I liked most about those nights.  Sometimes my grandma would sit with us and join in, most nights Auntie Leesah would be there too.  We each had our favorite set of cards that we’d use night after night.  

Aside from my cousins, there’d be women from across the creek too who come over just to Bingo.

I don’t think any one of us actually play because we believed we’d win big.  Mostly, we just looked forward to getting enough to pay for a snack, or everyone’s snack.  I had winning streaks, and losing ones.  But those are not what I remember most about Bingo nights.  It was the stories each one brought to the table, and the laughter everyone shared in.  Those were long nights too. Nights when you’d find yourself fast asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

These probably happened around the year we played Bingo for Christmas.  That was for free of course, but there were real prizes.  People donated prizes, including my mom.  It was so much fun. I think it was Auntie Leesah who won the grand prize, and Lola too. 

We should have regular Bingo nights again, not as often as we used to (which was every night), but a monthly or quarterly thing.  I’m not sure if my cousins would be up for it, but if we can organize it maybe they would be interested.