Mangoes and Cashew Ice Cream


Teams are going off on their outing – to the beach resorts or private pool parties.  Families are also going off on vacation.  Me? I get to sleep on the couch and suffer the heat! Haha. 🙂

My dad bought ice cream yesterday and already, the container is almost empty.  Nope, I’m not the culprit, it was more than half full after I filled up this glass.  I just heard my brother comment how fast we run out of ice cream when he was helping himself to some of it.

When it comes to ice cream, I will always go for flavors that include chocolate, and Rocky Road is a favorite.  The kids downstairs?  They love mango ice cream, and I can’t complain.

It is so hot these days, that even the occasional rain showers don’t help cool down the surroundings.  We have two electric fans in our living/dining area (which measures, according to Dad, 35 sq.m.) and it is hardly enough to keep more than two people comfortable in the afternoons.

So I guess it’s perfect timing that my work schedule will be changing soon – I’d have to be in the office in the morning until early afternoon.  And I can stay there until it cools down a bit in the afternoon if I want to, and bask in the cold airconditioning.  Haha.  I remember how many times I complained last summer that I had to report to work at night, and go home with the sun up and bake in the heat while sleeping. I am so looking forward to not complaining this season. 

I may have my offs changed too, which would hopefully mean I could have a full day free with the boyfriend on weekends.  I was kind of hoping to change offs anyway, even with the evening schedule. Friday and Saturday nights off would have been perfect because the boyf and I could be together already as soon as he gets off work on Friday nights, and have the whole day Saturday and Sunday together.  But… we’ll see.