Sometime last week I came across a site that pays one to write content about a variety of topics. I signed up and tried a job. I felt like it was too much effort for a measly amount. I could easily earn the same amount for just one sponsored blog post – but there I had to write twelve articles. Yet I took another assignment after turning in the first one. Ugh. I almost finished it. I was two articles shy of ten, each article being more than 25o words each. I had learned so much about vacuum cleaners by then. Yet I gave up on it. I let my extended deadline lapse. I shouldn’t have attempted it at all.

I wasted time. I could have done more Good to Great stuff, or I could have actually uploaded recent photos to my Facebook account. I could have blogged. My Adgitize earnings have suffered because I haven’t been earning the 100 points per day by clicking through ads in the network.  Sigh. This new content writing gig? A flop.

When Entrecard announced a few months ago the cashout system that will play bloggers in the system a dollar for every thousand EC credits, I was excited to have all that clicking payoff. I accumulated points, applied for cashout and then proceeded to transfer credits every once in a while. I never got paid though. Now that EC has a new owner, they’ve announced that they have used up all the money in the cashout system and will no longer payout the pending request. Oh, o-kay.

So I find myself with 15k of credits in EC. I guess I’ll just use it to advertise on other EC widgets, or I could donate to someone who’s running a birthday blog contest or something. We’ll see. But the EC Cashout system – a flop.

Hay. Things have been whacked out during my birthday month. I even messed up a bit at work on my birthday week. Imagine that? What perfect timing. I blame it on the eclipse that I didn’t even get to see.

This week, it’s shape up time. And then never look back. Haha. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about my finances lately, and pondering why I just never seem to have any real savings. I mean, others who earn less than I do have families and kids to support, household utilities to pay for, house payments, auto insurance payments, health and life insurance premiums, among other day to day expenses. They seem to get by. How? I rant on the boyfriend for not having any savings but really, when I look at my own savings – it’s not as much as what I should have been setting aside. If I wanted to cover up for the absence of a decent savings account, I would point to the fact that I’ve been paying premiums for a life insurance plan (last installment this year), and that I’m paying off the housing loan we took out for the purchase of the San Benissa unit (2 years paid! oh, and would anyone be interested in renting?). But are these really valid excuses?

Hindi naman ako gipit. I have enough, but I’d definitely be comfortable if I had more. Haha. 🙂