Rin on the Rox

In February last year I mentioned Rin on the Rox in one of my blog posts. I even included one of my favorite videos of them, their cover Leona Lewis’ Better in Time. I was on YouTube again earlier today and decided to checkout their channel. I did get to listen to the single they released over the summer last year, but it wasn’t really my type of song. I listened to their other covers, until I noticed one that had only Erin, without Rox in the video.

I read a fan’s blog post about the change too, and he led me to a tweet from the duo’s Twitter page saying that they were only taking a break. There was also an assurance in another post that they were still the best of friends, but Rin on the Rox was taking a break and they had decided to go a different path. That is sad. Erin, I think, was the first to put up her own channel on YouTube and she continued to post vids of her singing, just for fun, she says. Here’s my favorite of her posts:

Then back on their twitter page, I found a link to a video that Roxanne posted. She has her YouTube channel too, but not very manyvids posted yet. I found one of her cover of Kyla’s hit, Because of You:

I know they sound amazing on their own, individually, but they sound so much better together. I hope they sing together again soon, and maybe even continue with their music career. Here again, to compare, is my fave cover: