Black Saturday Marathon: The Good Wife

Today, I got acquainted with a show from CBS that started airing late last year: The Good Wife, starring Julianna Margulies. The Hallmark channel had a Good Wife marathon this afternoon and I was able to catch a few episodes.

I don’t have the full story for why Alicia’s (Margulies) former DA husband is in prison, but the series revolves around how she is trying very hard to stand by her husband. This despite the scandalous affair that he had, and the controversies thrown at him, including being a corrupt public servant.

It is about a woman who tries to keep her family together while she restarts a career in a big law firm. It’s different from the other lawyer series that I’ve enjoyed watching in the past (Ally McBeal, The Practice); I can’t explain why though, hehe. I would like to watch more of this series. 🙂 Check out The Good Wife.

This is the first year in a long time that I’ve watched a different TV show on Black Saturday. Every year at Holy Week, for many years, Studio 23 has shown marathons of the Seventh Heaven  TV series. We’d go through an entire season in two days. This year, there was no 7th Heaven. I guess it’s because the series is already over. 🙁

My mom’s monopolized the PC all afternoon. Here I am sneaking in a post through my dad’s netbook. Can’t help thinking about the iPad and how it would be awesome for bloghopping. Anyhoo, I gotta go, my nephew needs some fish food for his fish tank. We can’t let the fish go hungry now!

What’s your favorite TV show these days?