In a few weeks, the Philippines will be holding its national elections. We have a very important decision to make. We will be choosing the next president of the Republic. It will also be my first time to vote. Last year I wrote about voter’s registration at the Comelec offices at the Quezon City Hall. This year, I will be voting.

And I still haven’t decided who to vote for.

It’s not an easy decision to make. It’s harder than choosing what to wear to work each night, or where to eat, or whether to invest in a term life insurance or not. I only have one vote, and it may not make or break a candidate, but it is still a vote. Sure I think I know who I’m voting for, but I’m not 100% about my choice just yet.

You see, the results of the elections will have a direct impact on everyone’s life in the next six years. It’s not much different from the other decisions we make everyday. Whether to eat healthy or not, to save money or to splurge. They are all seemingly small choices we make today, but we’ll eventually find that our future depends on these choices. Ayoko lang na after a few months, I’ll realize that my vote was wasted on the wrong president. Kasi naman, if I voted in the 2004 elections, I probably would have voted for Gloria. Tsk.

Who are you voting for?