Glee: Home

I just saw the latest episode of Glee, just in time for the next one coming out Tuesday night. Though the title is Home and the sub-plots talk about finding your comfort zone, or keeping yourself grounded (once you find it, that is), to me it was more about Glee kids growing up.

Start with April Rose whose duets with Mr. Schue were just amazing. In the end, she realizes that she’s worth more than what she gives herself credit for. I hope that this time, she really sobers up. And that she comes back for more episodes once she truly cleans up her act.

There’s Finn who, after awhile, starts to understand what her mom is going through. He seems open to supporting her in what might finally make her happy. Of course, Kurt isn’t too happy about the budding relationship not between his dad and Finn’s mom, but between Finn and his dad. He feels as if Finn is the son that his dad never had. I don’t see it that way though. Kurt’s dad seems to be the most sensitive macho guy. He truly loves Kurt, and doesn’t mean to replace him with Finn.

Then there’s Quinn, who realizes something really important: that if she was willing to eat right for the sake of her baby, that she should do so for herself. She helps Mercedes realize that she shouldn’t allow someone else decide what she eats and how she feels about herself.

Beautiful was a very fitting choice for Mercedes’ solo.

Glee has so far really been sending the right messages. I love that, even though they are portraying these kids as wanting to fit in and be popular, they are emphasizing the truth that they can’t let others bring them down. They are beautiful not because they are popular, or that they are amazingly talented even. They are beautiful first because they believe themselves so.