Happy 5 Years NCO!

Five years. Five. Lima. Cinco. That’s how long I’ve worked at NCO. 🙂 Longer than the two or so years I spent at Asia ACTs. Half as long as my relationship with the boyfriend.

It means that Vanette, Edsel and I have been friends for five years too; although Vanette has moved on to a different company (she’s been there over a year). Now there’s only Edsel, Joey, and myself left. We didn’t even bother celebrating this year, unlike two years ago when there were still five of us. But that’s okay.

I was so close to leaving NCO twice in those five years. Obviously, I chose to stay anyway. Ask me if I regret staying and I’d say no. For both times. There were reasons why I tendered my resignation, served thirty days, and looked elsewhere for employment. In the end, I just had to weigh my options and the final analysis always led me to stick it out at ELJ. 🙂

I have no idea how many more years I’d be counting here, I don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next three months. I can only hope that I can continue to be happy with what I do, and that I don’t turn out to be a bad boss (unloved and unsuccessful).  Praying too for better work-life balance 🙂

Who said “work to live and not live to work?” Well for many it feels mostly like work is the end instead of a means to get something. Every once in a while we deserve a treat to remind us why we really go to work everyday. I know of a family who knows the value of working hard so they can play hard. They toil each day because every few months they have their Orlando vacations to look forward to. There are also people who take this quote to the extreme. They come in to work only for the paycheck, do a so-so job, and not take things seriously. They’re the ones who don’t really care how their teams perform, or those who have no idea how their actions affect others. To them, losing the job ain’t such a big deal. I see them around me sometimes. 🙁

Anyway… cheers to my fifth year in the company. I am so looking forward to my loyalty bonus and my leave conversion next payout! 🙂