Today I was going through my Picture library looking for any photo that distinctly featured a human face and flowers together in one frame. I was using Windows Live Photo Gallery to go through the albums, and then my attention was caught by the nifty button to create a movie out of the photos. So I used it.

And what photos did I use? Those from our Safari adventure!

(This video I just uploaded doesn’t look good! It’s all pixellated. I’m going to try again and then re-upload.)

No, we didn’t go to Africa for this, nor did we drive out to Subic to experience their Zoobic Safari. This is the Safari display of stuffed animals at the SM Sky Garden, at SM City North Edsa. It’s still there until now, if I’m not mistaken.

Ugh, I think my dad chose the hottest day this summer to take the kids there. Or not. Maybe it just felt like the hottest day for me because

  1. I just came off a 12-hour shift.
  2. It was freezing cold inside the office.
  3. I was quite sleepy; and,
  4. I was wearing heels.

The kids definitely weren’t complaining about the heat. Dad even looked quite comfy.

You know, I’m not sure if they asked me to come along because they needed another chaperone (Mom couldn’t join them because she had a meeting), or they really needed a photographer. Hmmm.

The kids were all willing subjects, okay maybe with the exception of Adam who doesn’t always feel like smiling at the camera, but they all were very eager to post in front of the stuffed animals. I, however, was one frustrated photographer. I wasn’t dressed appropriately. And because of my weight, I wasn’t willing to kneel or able to sit on the floor to get better angles. Tsk. I gotta do something about that. Hehe.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite photos: