Would Zune and Snow Pea Jump into a Pool?

This was something that came into my mind while going through the many amazing entries to the I Heart Faces Pets challenge this week. I entered a photo of my nephew’s pet, Snow Pea. Check it out won’t you? It’s cute, I promise 🙂

This week’s judge is young pet photographer Emilee Fuss. I checked out her blog and saw one of her shoots with a dog on the beach. I wondered, with all of Zune’s hair, wouldn’t it be a nightmare to wash out all of the sand from his coat? And would Zune actually run to the water? I have my doubts. Hehe.

But dogs are supposed to love swimming in the water. I just don’t know about our dogs here, they’re not happy taking a bath you see! If we had our very own pool maybe they’d have been more exposed to having so much fun in the water. Wait! Esban did have a swimming pool! It wasn’t one that required pool pumps though, just a simple inflatable kiddie pool. 🙂 And no, the kids didn’t welcome the idea of sharing the small pool with our furry friends. Haha.

Anyhoo, be sure to check out Snow Peas photo at The {Newbie} Photographer. I also wrote something for Between the Covers. See you there 🙂