30 Years of UPSA at the CCP

Tonight was a night of beautiful music.

In the hours leading to the concert, I’d been hesitating to go, but only because I wasn’t seeing the show with my girlfriends and it was being held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines which would be a lucky hour away on Friday night traffic. But it’s been at least five years since I’ve seen the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors in action, and having pledged as a lifetime fan of the group, how could I miss out on such a momentous event such as their 30th anniversary?

Besides, my colleague Ida was also in the show, and I’d told her even before she invited us that I was definitely going to be there.

The national anthem was being sung while I walked up the steps of the CCP. Leaving my Deena at the baggage counter wrapped up in my violet shawl took awhile because I was unwilling to leave her there. The few minutes of battling whether to leave her or have the boyfriend take her home cost me the seat with my colleagues. Because I was late, I had to sit at the back where it was freezing cold. Nice. My camera was snug and warm with my shawl wrapped around her, while I was shivering in cold!

But the music warmed my heart. My friend Pauie was in many of the numbers, and she again sang the solo (along with another alumna) for Light of a Million Mornings. Can’t help but feel proud of both her and Ida. My dad’s cousin is also with UPSA and he was on the show. Too bad I didn’t get to say hi after as the lobby scene was quite crazy already. Would have been nice to say hi to Carlo too, a friend we also met via Pauie and the UPSA.

I guess yesterday’s post was a bit inspired by the knowledge that I was going to see UPSA perform tonight. The UPSA experience, or the similar high of becoming part of a University-based group, or a cultural group, is something I also missed out on. Again, no regrets, because at the time there really were other things going for me. But if my future kids show even the slightest interest in learning to sing and being part of a choral group, I’d encourage them to join UPSA (assuming they get into UP in college of course). Talk about parents living vicariously through their kids. Haha. 🙂

Makahanap nga ng choir na pwede ko pang salihan ngayon… hmmm.. any ideas? 🙂

Anyway, here’s an old video of Pauie and the UPSA performing Light of a Million Mornings (previously posted here):