Badodong.Com Reloaded!

Badodong.Com, the boyfriend’s blog is being renovated. I finally purchased a subscription to Elegant Themes and because the boyfriend wants to turn the blog into a photoblog or online folio, the first theme to be put to the test would be ePhoto. I’ve set it up at his blog, so go on ahead an check it out in its default settings.

I’ve yet to tweak the SEO settings, along with the ads, and I haven’t changed the blog header/logo because I’ll need his input for that. Better yet, why don’t I just ask him to design his own logo, no? 🙂 There will be more tweaks yet before the blog is fully relaunched.

We could have completed this earlier, but I was having connectivity issues on the laptop, and the boyfriend was busy with SC2 on the PC. Maybe he should have an SC2 background on there. Hmm..