Weekend’s Over

Friday was a loooong day that extended upto Saturday. Actually, I think it all started on Thursday…

Thursday night:  attended the funeral of Kourtney. She’s a friend’s very young daughter who died of Dengue. She was at the ICU of the St.Luke’s Medical Center for only two days (if I remember correctly) before God ended her pain and took her to heaven. Before that, she’d been in and out of a hospital in Batangas.

That night at the memorial, it was raining, and the creek overflowed while I was at the church.

After the service offered by YAM and SKEP, I stayed on to sing hymns with friends I haven’t hung out with in a long time. Dex and his wife Joy are so young to be grieving over the loss of their only child. It also means that they still have a lot of life ahead of them, and they can definitely try for more babies. Dex is only 27.

We left the funeral just before 3AM. They were talking about Keema at Kebabers, or Tapsi from the store next to it. There was meryenda available at the wake, but I didn’t want to eat bread, no matter how tempting the ensaymada was. After a lot of prodding, the girls finally convinced me to treat them to breakfast at the Tapsihan where Fren works the night shift. So we invaded the sidewalk along La Ignaciana, and occupied the tables and chairs where the night owls from St. Luke’s would have spent their breaks. There was a lot of laughing going on because Chase was chasing each cutie away; every time a cute guy approached to buy something, he’d drop funny pickup lines! haha. 🙂 All of them just smiled back naman. 🙂

It was already 4am of Friday by the time we called it quits. I was officially awake for24 hours.

A few hours later (this is Friday now), it was time to wake up and start a new day. We had a full day ahead: a visit to Tayhua store in Binondo to pick up photography gear, and a lunch/drinking session with my team at Sangkalan near the office. Finding Tayhua wasn’t too difficult, getting a cab back to QC was more challenging.

For lunch, we met up with my team and had a few hours just chatting, eating and drinking booze. We headed home at around 330pm. I thought I’d get some sleep, and then go online. That was far from what happened, haha.

My niece Chiki (who turned 16 the day before), was having her hair rebonded. After a few minutes considering it, I decided to get the treatment too. We all finished at 12 midnight! It was thaaaaat long because Chiki has very thick hair, frizzy too! Haha. While we waited, there were lots of kwento, and Freedah (her mom) cooked up some spaghetti for our belated celebration for Chiki’s day.

I tried to go online at midnight, but found myself nodding off to la-la-land while typing. So I slept on the couch until Alfred came home from seeing his friend in Bulacan at around 4am. After awhile, it was Kuya’s turn to come a-knocking. He had spent the evening at the wake of Kourtney, who was transported to Batangas in the wee hours of the morning of Saturday.

So it looks like I did not get much sleep over the weekend right? Well, I went up to my room at around 7am just as dad was preparing breakfast. The next time I was up? 2PM. So there, whatever sleep I lost from the past two days were all recovered. But doing things this way makes me feel that the weekend was too short. Totally opposite of how much time I felt I had the previous week. But that’s okay, I had spent time with family and friends that I haven’t been with in a long time. It’s all good.

Today is #sentisabado on Twitter and it was fun reminiscing about stuff from the past. From Galaga and Super Mario, to my old maroon and blue Swatch watch, 101 Dalmatians with the Happy Meal, and even the cheap laminate flooring (or was it linoleum?) on my grandmother’s house. Many of the people I follow are also twitting about what makes them sentimental this Saturday, and it’s all fun to read. Looking forward to next Saturday already. 🙂

Oh and one more thing to close my Saturday: potluck dinner with the whole Somebang family to remember Lola’s 6th death anniversary (September 1).