Gym Hunting

Did I ever mention that I signed up with a gym this month? I think I meant it for the launch post of my health blog but it hasn’t materialized until now. So there, I signed up and then cancelled in 7 days. I used it for a week and a half, and could use it until this weekend, but I’ve been too busy for anything else. But I didn’t cancel because I was busy. I cancelled because my membership was only good for the ABS club, and since I’d be moving to a new workplace soon, it will no longer be convenient for me.

Too bad, in the week and a half I went there, I felt good. And my tummy seemed to deflate a bit, haha. Now it’s almost back to how it was before. Lol. I feel a bit bad about the trainer helping me out too. He keeps texting me to follow up when I’m coming back. Too bad. I just can’t afford the monthly payments, and I know I need a trainer to keep going otherwise all I’ll be doing is cardio and probably not even the way I should be doing it.

But not too worry, since I still need to lose weight fast, the healthy way of course, I’m determined to scout for another club to join once I get settled in at my new job. No, I won’t wait until my proby period is over (that would be toooooo long to wait), just after the first week maybe. Haha. And the boyfriend promises to go gym hunting with me because he’s finally convinced he needs it too. Him going the gym would be a first, and definitely something to watch out for. Lol!

It would have been wonderful to keep up with the gym sessions this month and lose a bit more weight and inches in time for a friend’s wedding coming up before November ends, but that was not the case. I still have a few weeks to diet and exercise on my own, I guess.