December Wedding

So I finally have two consecutive days off this week. Yay! 🙂 They are weeknights though, and some people may have a problem with that. I don’t. 🙂 First, it coincides with the boyfriend’s off. And second, it’s still two days straight.

Tonight I go back to work, hopefully better rested than I’ve been in the past two weeks.

I still haven’t done all the shopping I need to do. Looks like my parents are resigned to taking care of all the Christmas shopping required for our annual gift giving on both sides of the family. I feel sorry not being able to help out in the shopping part, but perhaps I’ll just volunteer to wrap them up. What I don’t feel sorry for is having to decide what gifts to get each person on the list, that’s proven to become harder and harder every year.

But let me digress from talk of Christmas, gifts and shopping, and instead talk about a wedding we witnessed last week.

I will forever think of the bride as my Auntie Leesah’s friend, which is why during the wedding I kept thinking that if there were angels in heaven happy that she found love and happiness again, it would be her departed parents, plus my auntie.

Auntie Jenny was married before, but her husband passed away at a young age. She has two grown up sons now. The groom is an Episcopalian priest who, I think, is Irish. He came here to live and teach at the Seminary a few years ago, and who would’ve thought he would find love too? 🙂 Their union is a true inspiration that we can’t (and shouldn’t) really give up on love.

Now. Weddings in our small community are mostly simple and traditional. The ceremony is pretty much the same, even the hymns sung. People don’t always wait for a formal invitation, and we certainly don’t look at how many seats are reserved for the guests. Which makes it difficult to plan a budget wedding – because it’s difficult to say exactly how much people will be coming.

But such weddings are fun, because people you really know and who really celebrate your happiness are in attendance. And they don’t care much about how you look, or how they look. Dress code is also something people pretty much ignore. Haha. A lot come in their Sunday best, but for most this also just means jeans and a clean shirt. I know that doesn’t look pretty in pictures, but that gives the occasion a happy, relaxed vibe. Really. 🙂

Here’s some of my favorite photos from the Church ceremony:

The happy couple

Lovely bridesmaids

It was really just a fun wedding. 🙂 I have more photos to post-process, mostly from the reception but I’ve yet to find time for those. Let’s just hope I don’t forget them, haha 🙂

On an unrelated note. I’ve been getting messages and calls from two companies who claims to have picked my raffle entry for free hotel accommodations in Boracay. I remember filling up tickets when we were at The Duty Free shop. However, these calls sound too good to be true. They say everything is free and I do not have to pay for anything and no obligation to buy anything else. But we’re pessimistic about these things, so I listened, but I didn’t avail of it. They kept following for two days maybe, and then they gave up.

They remind me of cheap insurance companies who keep pitching their services even after you tell them you already have coverage from another company. Oh well, we all gotta do what we gotta do to earn a living right? I am just so happy I don’t have to do what they do. 🙂