I feel silly having to mention it over and over, but I will anyway. Over at Between the Covers I’d already mentioned how hectic things have been to find time to read, but you see it’s not just my books I’ve been neglecting. My mailbox is overflowing with mail too.

So I’m reading back on all the mail I’ve received and just got to read the December 1st strip of the Daily Dilbert:

Hilarious! They say Facebook is the new TV. As in, if you used to ask in shock when a friend tells you they have no TV at home, now you’re sure to be shocked to if a friend isn’t on Facebook. But it would be so sad to be in on FB, but not have friends around. Oh well. 🙂

It’s 430 PM on a Monday, and I have shift again at midnight. Perhaps I should go to bed now? How could I when I only got up at half past eleven this morning? Haha. Indeed, I’d slept my entire rest day off, in an effort to defy the makers of the best eye cream for dark circles. I don’t need your product to get rid of these dark circles, ample sleep should be enough! But then again, didn’t my doctor tell me I wouldn’t ever get rid of these? Ugh.