Bye, Bamboo

Yesterday (or was it the other day?), news broke out about the disbanding of popular rock star band Bamboo. That is one sad news.

From the 2007 NCO Christmas party:

@the NCO Christmas Party – 2007 (taken by me or Vanette)

Bamboo was again the main attraction for the 2009 Christmas party of NCO. I took pictures then too, but I guess I never bothered to upload any.

The Pinoy rock scene would definitely be missing the super-charged performances of this band, but there is no doubt that we will hear from them again soon – perhaps not as one band though.

Read the related article from Yahoo about Bamboo’s disbanding.

On other news… this one’s not ‘breaking’ news though 🙂 I’m sick. I haven’t been feeling well the past three days and last night, I stayed home from work. There’s the feverish feeling, chills, and headaches. On previous nights I still reported for work and consulted at the company clinic. They checked my temperature and it was normal so I was dismissed with a hot water bag, and paracetamol. That seemed to have worked but the feeling just kept coming back. So I decided to sleep in last night.

And boy did I sleep. I woke up around lunch just to eat, and helped a bit to watch and carry Amir. Then it was back to La-la land. Because I slept too much, I wasn’t able to see a doctor. That’s going to be top priority for tomorrow morning then.

Talking about work… Things are still very hectic. Everything is urgent. I can’t even think about the things that I am missing already. There are so many things we need to manage and everyday there’s something new that’s added to the list. Sometimes it feels like we’re always in fire fighting mode and there’s hardly any time to do any thing to prevent more fires from breaking out. You know what I mean?

I haven’t lost faith though. Things will get better. We’ll all pull together and make it better.