Going on a Trip

Our Cebu vacation is a week away but we haven’t booked our hotels yet. We’re hoping we could get discounts for Be Hotel and stay there for all three nights we’re going to be in the city. Then we’ll just arrange a city tour, the Sky rides, and island hopping.

If that doesn’t work out, we’ll try to arrange for a trip to Bantayan Island. We’ might stay there for two nights if we decide to go. I would love to revisit Badian but it would have to be a choice between the two sites, we can’t go to both places. I was there almost 14 years ago with ECPAT friends. The last time I visited Cebu City was around 12 years ago I think. Both visits were quite an experience. This time would be very different because it’s supposed to be all leisure. 🙂

I do wish there was a reliable vacation rentals directory for Cebu. It would make planning this trip easier. There are actually a few sites out there, but I don’t believe they offer the best rates. Plus, there’s no way to really see what you’re opting for. Oh well. There’s very few people in Cebu whom I personally know that I can ask to host us – not to house us really, just to help us get around. But I’m a bit shy to ask them. 🙂

Do you have suggestions for Cebu?

All this planning for a four-day getaway excites me, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to say that I was browsing for vacation rentals Paris? It is still my dream destination – Paris and all of Europe!

Someday 🙂