Photojojo Goodies Delivered!

I ordered a few stuff from Photojojo and today I got confirmation that the goodies have been delivered. No, I didn’t have them shipped all the way from the US to PH again like what I did when I ordered the DigiCloverSan and other stuff. The Customs fee then was way expensive! This time around, we took advantage of the boyfriend’s cousin who is travelling home to Manila in a few weeks.


I wish I could say that this is the package that includes my coveted Polly, but no. I had to forego my wish of owning the Fuji Instax 50s. Just temporarily of course. I just switched to an iPhone 4 and that entails costs, so no Instax for the time being. I’d been so excited about it, but the iPhone won out. Good thing there’s Instagram that will, in a twisted kinda way, satisfy my Instax needs for now. Haha.

So my blogs have been quiet since the Holy Week started. It wasn’t intentional and I haven’t been busy mulling at my life and the sacrifices that Jesus did for us (wish I could say I was), in fact it’s been work work work (and I will be at work in two hours). Just haven’t had much to say lately.

What’s going on in blogland?