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Dad took me out for parking lessons and after an hour of going back and forth, left and right, we took a break.

Since we were already at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, we checked in at Serye.

At first things looked great. They served Dad’s tea first and the contraption used was quite interesting. But it took forever to serve my Tsokolate Frappe and the Suman sa Latik. When those arrived though, they were worth the wait.

The suman was so small though so there’s really not enough to share. After having a small portion to taste, I decided to order another serving. The waitress said it would take 5-7 minutes to prepare. 20 minutes later, it was nowhere to be seen. Dad asked for the bill so we could run soon after it is served. Guess what wasn’t included in the bill? The second suman order. So it looked like we waited for naught. Grr.

I would have recommended Serye for the little of it’s specialties that we sampled today, but their service leaves much to be desired. Sayang.

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Soooo… Serye was a bummer. I might give it another shot, perhaps at a different branch. The waiter was actually nice enough to tell us that they were selling the teapot that was used for Dad’s one-serving tea. He also showed us the tea leaves in a jar that they were also selling for 200 pesos. It really was interesting and would make a good gift for Mom, or for any tea drinker. Then because we waited so long for my orders, I had time to daydream about what kind of silverware, china, cups and glasses I’d like to have in my future home. Thought about furniture and Sferra linen even.

Anyhoo. We ended up spending an hour at the restaurant for just a drink and a light snack. Bummer.