Today I scanned prints that didn’t make it to our photo albums. I’m not sure if we just weren’t into photo albums when the photos were printed, or these are excess ones that didn’t make the cut (ouch). Most of the photos are more than a decade old.

Apart from admiring the cute smiles on the innocent faces of my nieces in the photos, there were also ones of my parents on one of their road trips/vacations.

vacay bicol mayon

vacay bicol ma

Mom and Dad loved road trips! There was a time when they would go on weekend drives, and summers where they would go on vacation on their own. Now they don’t that do that enough. I’d actually really wish for them to go on trips and enjoy in a new place and just relax. Sadly, resources are just enough and the reality is that vacations can be costly.

If I ever win the lottery, I’d make sure my parents won’t have to keep on working, and instead get to go on vacations wherever and whenever they want. We’d go too of course. Or I’ll invest in fractional ownership condos. I think those are a wonderful idea. As an owner, one can get huge discounts to use the facilities, amenities and services of a five-star hotel/condo.