Sleeping through Pedring

I have been indoors for more than 24 hours. Looks like Typhoon Pedring has finally bid us goodbye, but Typhoon Quiel is about to say hello.

No photos from me, not even of the flood last night. I’d been taking advantage of the bed weather see, so I’ve actually been sleeping a lot. Oh and yes, I skipped work last night. At first it was the flood, but then I didn’t make it halfday either – I had been feverish all of a sudden. Must be because of getting wet from the rain several times the past few days.

I left work after lunch with the storm still raging yesterday. I had my big violet umbrella but because of the wind, I still got wet. Globe was having issues and I have had no signal on my mobile for about two hours by then, so imagine my surprise when one message came through! It was my brother, checking in for updates. Unfortunately, I lost signal instantaneously and couldn’t respond. I left my bag in the car and walker around the parking lot looking for a good spot but there was none to be found.

Oh. I did stop to snap this photo of a small tree, casualty of Pedring:

Photo Sep 27, 12 38 04 PM

And also of my bumper, casualty of the driver known as me:

Photo Sep 27, 12 40 03 PM

I bumped against a wall while backing up from where I parked the night I wrote about my non-talent in parallel parking.

Anyway, I gave up and drove home. Along E.Rodriguez, I had to reroute. A big tree in front of the Iglesia ni Kristo fell right smack on the middle of the road. A big red firetruck blocked the street from incoming traffic.

Photo Sep 27, 12 54 35 PM

Photo Sep 27, 12 55 11 PM

I had a choice of following the majority of motorists and turn right towards EDSA, or turn left towards God-knows-where. I chose the road less travelled. Good thing there were street signs, and I easily found my way. Right on Lantana, and another right on New York. Left on E. Rodriguez. There weren’t a lot of vehicles on the road, and the traffic lights were all out. I learned later that power was out since 630 that morning.

It wasn’t difficult to find parking space, but I still wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk home or if creek had already overflown. As soon as I was parked, my phone signaled for new messages. One from my dad asking me to get lunch for everyone. They weren’t able to leave for work. Alfred also sent a message saying he was already home and couldn’t contact me. So I called Mom to say I just got their messages, and I’m going to McDonald’s to grab us all some lunch.

When I got back, I realized I couldn’t bring my bag and all the food with me and balance my umbrella at the same time. I also realized I couldn’t park my car. Dad came to the rescue. Haha.

So we all ate. And there was no power. I had a choice of sleeping through it, or go out and hangout with relatives at the (can we call it) porch. Or I could read a book. I ended up sleeping. And slept I did until very late in the evening.

And this morning? I slept some more. Well. Sleep is good. It cures many ailments. It’s good for the skin. And what I wouldn’t give right now to have better skin. I can’t wait to use my VMV voucher for a Superskin Facial. These Gratiae products also seem good, has anyone tried them?