Shoot. Eat. Blog.

I blog.

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For years, blogging has been a central part of me.  From Tblog, to Bravejournal, then Blogger, Vox (posts are now in a Typepad blog), and ultimately, Where the Moon Shines. I am also behind The Newbie Photographer and Between the Covers.

“I should blog this” and “I want to share this” pervade my thoughts.


I shoot.

Photography is also important to me. These days, the iPhone 4 is my everyday camera but I’d love to spend quality time with Deena again soon.

Good photos look wonderful on blog posts. Smile


I eat. I love to eat.

And I realized, I love taking photos of food just as much as blogging about it.  Marrying my three loves (blogging, food, and photography) would be a dream lived in the flesh. Being the Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger would be a giant step towards that. Smile

My recent post on Tomato Kick is one of my favorites. The photos are ? (click a tomato for post):

And remember when I first baked Tres Leches Cake? Another favorite:


The everyday food is also worth showcasing, it ain’t just special cakes or restaurant food that deserve air time after all. Simple convenience store Japanese chocolate deserve spotlight too:

Check out my Food archive for more yumminess.

Time for a new set of photos from an old-time favorite restaurant, The Pancake House along E. Rodriguez.


Mom ordered the Grilled Maple Chicken with Fruity Salad. I’ve had this before and love the fruity combination with the honey mustard dressing.

grilled chicken fruity salad

Chicken with Mushroom and Asparagus Linguine for me.


The top photo is what it looks like on the menu. The bottom is what I got.

Before I proceed, let me say this: I love Pancake House and will go back again and again. Maybe not on a Sunday night because it was packed with families. But I will never order this pasta dish again. The description on the menu said nothing about being spicy. It was too hot for my tastes. I realized too late that the red stuff generously sprinkled on top was chili powder.

I couldn’t eat it. I ended up ordering another dish that they could serve in 10 minutes. The maldita in me wanted to return the dish and refuse to pay for it, but my Mom said to just bring it home for Alfred and order a different one (he liked it, by the way). I complained about the misinformation and settled for the unexciting Carbonara.

Still, it was a good meal. We capped it by sharing regular sized frozen yoghurt, topped with bananas and Honey and Almond Crispies.

Oh how I would love be the Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger. The thought of 101 restaurants in 10 destinations in 30 days is just so exciting! Where do I sign up?


The Pancake House

275 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City (beside St. Luke’s Medical Center)
411-1411 / 411-1413 / 411-1417