Andes Mint Cookies

Post drafted on Sunday, December 11.

I have been staring at Becky Higgins’ Andes Mint Cookies on and off in what might be the last 24 hours.


Photo linked to source.

Since seeing it featured in her 12 Videos of Christmas, I pulled up the recipe and it’s been there in the background while I got busy with other online activities.

I love chocolate cookies, and mint chocolate is a household favorite – Andes Mints being one of the brands I love.

It is probably not a coincidence that I saw Andes Mints the one time I accompanied my Mom for grocery shopping two weeks ago.

At the time, I successfully kept myself my buying a package or two. But this recipe is the perfect excuse to go get some.

The thing is, I haven’t baked anything in over a year. Since moving companies, in fact.

Christmas has always been a time for cooking and baking. Families would be doing so much because they have people over, or they make stuff to give and sell.

I was like that for several Christmases in the past ten years. I loved spending hours baking goodies even when I know that at the end of it all, none would be left for me to eat because they’re all orders and I only make enough to cover orders. Being so busy in the kitchen gave me sleepless days and nights because I still had my regular job to attend to.

I loved it.

Again, the thing is, I haven’t baked anything in over a year.

My stuff is all over the place. I’ve got ingredients that have likely spoiled already.

Measuring spoons and cups have been used for other purposes.

Our kitchen isn’t ready for my baking.

So in order to get baking, I first have to be organized.

Organize and declutter my baking supplies, and hopefully our entire kitchen area while I’m at it.

That’s what’s keeping me from baking.

I’m so lazy to do the work so I can get to what I love to do.

Let’s see if I can get over it today. Or this week.

Besides, it would be nice to give away some homemade cookies.

Anyway, check out Becky’s video: