What a Gem


I was supposed to be married by the end of this year. Well, we didn’t really go out and announce anything to anybody, but it was something we had talked about plenty of times.

December would have been a good month. His brother’s family would be home for the holidays. My BFF Jo would be home from Dubai too for the first time since getting married last year. Yes, December 2011 would have been a good month.

But we didn’t get anywhere with planning.

And it’s really okay.

Because that only means I can still ask the boyfriend for a ring. Haha!

And I was looking at gemstone rings that are oh so lovely! I tell ya, these are pretties!

Here are my two favorites:




The first time I saw Princess Diana’s (and now Catherine’s) ring, I coveted it. I want one like it. But I haven’t found just the one yet. Maybe I’ll get Ruth’s jeweler to make me an affordable version of it. Hmm.