July 7 New Human Nature Products

Human Nature’s monthly newsletter was sent to dealers and supporters yesterday and I am very excited about the new products. These will be available starting July 7, 2012.

Balancing Facial Wash and Toner – This is a new formulation and it’s bound to be better than the last one. I love the last formulation as it is, specially made for those who have oily and combination skin like me. I love the interesting texture that the bamboo scrubs and loofah bits provide. They are there to gently cleanse the skin while keeping oil in check. I just love it!

HN Balancing

Hydrating Creamy Wash and Face Toner – The moringa in this facial wash provides a nutrient boost to dry and mature skin. Now, it’s a richer and creamier textured wash and toner with a powdery floral scent.

HN Creamy

Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner – Now this one was specially formulated for Normal to Sensitive skin. It contains tomato extracts that are rich in Lycopene and Vitamin C, helping to strengthen the skin’s barrier to protect it. Glowing and radiant skin awaits those who try it! I think this is very close to the original formulation of the first Human Nature Facial Wash and toner that I used!

HN Nourish

Natural Feminine Wash – Chamomile Cool – Feel calm, clean and cool after every wash.

HN FemCool

Healthy Lotion – Vanilla Delight – I use the Berry Bliss variety and I can attest that Human Nature lotions are easily absorbed by the skin. It definitely locks the moisture in as well. You can tell as soon as slather it on. I absolutely love the smell of berry but I understand when sometimes you just don’t want the sweet smell. For those times, vanilla is just right!

HN LotionVanilla

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Lush Vanilla – I love the fresh mandarin scent of my Strengthening Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner! But this new lush vanilla variant is bound to be another pleaser.

HN LushVanilla

Wild Berry Lip Balm – the wild berries these are made from? Sourced locally!

HN WildBerry

Hurry, grab these new goodies when they launch on July 7 while they are still on special introductory rates! Just shoot me a message via the comments link Smile

Also, some products that were on special price from May to June will be on their regular rates after July 7. So stock up on these products while they are still on their best price:

Product                                        Price Last Issue    Price This Issue    Remarks

Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss 200g    264.75            274.75    Stock up now!
Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss 50g      104.75            109.75    Stock up now!
Calming Massage Oil 195ml                      340                   350    Stock up now!
Calming Massage Oil 95ml                        185                   190    Stock up now!
Rejuvenating Massage Oil 195ml               340                   350    Stock up now!
Rejuvenating Massage Oil 95ml                 185                   190    Stock up now!
Tinted Lip Balm                                        69.75             79.75    Stock up now!
Strengthening Conditioner 500ml             289.75           299.75    Stock up now!
Moisturizing Conditioner 500ml                289.75           299.75    Stock up now!
Intensive Hair Mask 200g                        279.75           299.75    Stock up now!

Leave me a comment if you want to order! Smile