Before the Flood

On Monday, we were able to sneak out of the house to visit my dearest nephew. For a precious few hours, we competed for this little guy’s attention:


He had just woken up from a midmorning nap when we arrived at their home around lunch time. It took time to draw him out and get in him the mood to play, but his shape sorter was a big help!

Now a blue hat:



Then a yellow hat:


I hadn’t seen him in two weeks and it was worth driving in the rain just to see him. We had planned to see The Dark Knight Rises after the visit. First choice was at SM Fairview but it was a good thing we changed our minds and opted for somewhere near home (Gateway). If we didn’t change cinemas, we might not have made it home that night.

So I guess the pretty high spirits despite all the flooding the entire week was all thanks to a good dose of loving from this little prince just before it started. Smile