October, So Over!

October was like a high mountain that we struggled to climb, and we prevailed. At work, we had such a lousy first week of the month that we had to pay for it the rest of the time. Good thing though is that we learned what our true limits are, and that we have a reliable number one team. We, started from the bottom and made it to the top half in three weeks. Everyone else was on a downward trend too, everyone but us.  That tells me that we have the talent and the skill to be the top team, the only thing left is to remain vigilant, at all times.


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Stress levels at work were so high, and well, it can’t help but affect what happens outside. I’ve eaten a lot and spent too much this month Sad smile

I bought a new bag from a local seller. It’s cheaper than my last three bag purchases but I love it and I think it can withstand the abuse all my other bags take from me! My mom is ordering one for herself too. Here’s a photo of my violet bucket bag courtesy of seller, Basha Manila:



My shoe family welcomed three new girlie pairs to the fold. Two are from a local entrepreneur, while one was from Payless. I got CanCan and Moonwalk in Cobalt Blue from LuluSwing:



The Moonwalk fits very nicely, while I think that perhaps I should have ordered a size bigger for the CanCan. Nonetheless, I love them both and hope they don’t get worn out too soon.

I drove around a lot this month. One day I drove from work to Pasay to pick up Alfred, then rushed all the way to beat color coding to arrive at San Benissa in Fairview before 7AM. I made it with time to spare! On a different day I took my Mom to her appointment at the US Embassy. Since I couldn’t accompany her in there, I waited for her at my favorite Starbucks branch, with this view:

I took a nap there, despite the very bright sunlight, haha, and I mostly just looked out the window and observed the people walking, cars passing, and looked out to Manila Bay. Then I also read a few pages of my book, but that usually gets me sleepy when I lack sleep. Two hours later, Mom was ready to be picked up.

I bought shares from Jollibee (JFC), and I attended Module 2 of the Pesos and Sense Seminar Series. I haven’t quite blogged about it and it happened over a week again just before October ended.

I read My Friend Leonard, Grisham’s The King of Torts. I also started on The Dreams of Ada but I only finished that yesterday.

We watched one film in the cinema, Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles. It’s a local film that is touted to be cutting edge because it’s the first one shot entirely on a blue screen. The effects are surreal.

I’ve also continued with my physical therapy sessions, but often it’s only twice a week instead of the three times that was recommended. I have 2 more sessions to go and then I’ll be going back to the doctor with the PT’s assessment. I predict more sessions in my timeline. There were days when I felt like I was 100% back to normal, but then I have days when I feel the pain again. Perhaps it’s just a reminder not to take on too much all at the same time.

I’d met up with a dear friend and we shared a massage experience at Nuat Thai, before chatting each other up at this milk tea place nearby. This should happen with more friends, more often.

This is the first year in about eight years that I didn’t take charge of our annual Halloween party at 19th street. The kids still pushed through with it, but I wasn’t there. Di bale, babawi tayo next year, or maybe sa Christmas.

I am very thankful for October, because of the lessons it brought, and the laughter shared with family and friends at every opportunity. It definitely gave us the momentum to kick start an amazing November.

How was your October?